April 9, 2024

Vanbelle recognised as the best Belgian International Tax Law Firm

Since 2010, Global Law Experts has been celebrating excellence, innovation, and performance in legal communities around the world. Vanbelle is proud to be recognised as Belgium's International Tax Law Firm of the Year 2024—especially because these awards are designed to reward those most deserving in this global and challenging environment.

The criteria of Global Law Experts are stringent. They are allocated solely on merit, sheer determination, and hard work. Furthermore, their accreditation process is by invitation only. Members are nominated for inclusion on the GLE website either from their research panel, 2000 plus active members, or externally from businesses or private individuals. However, all nominations must be approved by the Global Law Experts research team before a lawyer or advisor is contacted and invited to become a member of GLE.

Global Law Experts are thrilled to announce Vanbelle Law Boutique as the winner of Belgium's International Tax Law Firm of the Year 2024.

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