No ordinary law firm: meet The House of Diplomacy at Vanbelle

Our law firm wants to be a place where you feel at home and comfortable tackling your challenges. However, we take this philosophy a notch further and host the 'House of Diplomacy' in collaboration with the prestigious Diplomatic Academy of the University of Brussels (VUB). Every month, our offices host diplomatic round tables, speaker lunches or social events where ambassadors and other influential stakeholders can meet and discuss pressing issues.

At Vanbelle, we hold on to some traditional values. We believe in creating a space where you can tackle problems and discuss sensitive topics. This belief aligns with the University of Brussels's vision for a neutral space where members of the Diplomatic Corps and the business community can engage on issues of mutual interest, expand knowledge, and, most importantly, build new relationships. This is the essence of the House of Diplomacy, an initiative of the Brussels Diplomatic Academy (BDA), where our managing partner, Jo Vanbelle, is also a lecturer in financial diplomacy and Fintech.  

The members of the House of Diplomacy are diplomats, businesspeople, students and academics, government representatives, members of parliament, media groups, Think Tanks and Foundations, all bound by a common interest in a fast-changing world.

The House of Diplomacy offers a unique programme and calendar of events, and the BDA’s various geographic and thematic platforms provide additional value and support for these initiatives (you can view the calendar here).

Strengthening academia

We like to support our universities. They are institutions of incredible social value, creating the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Moreover, many of our lawyers are simultaneously academics at the most prestigious universities in Europe.

Expanding our knowledge and network

Simultaneously, the House of Diplomacy makes us better lawyers. Not only do we benefit from the stimulating discussions, but we also know what's moving in a fast-transforming world. Moreover, the House of Diplomacy lets us know the relevant movers and shakers, which could benefit our clients.  In the June edition of the House of Diplomacy, Jo Vanbelle will talk about the role of cryptocurrencies in diplomatic relations and developments. We’ll keep you updated.

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