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Boutique legal concierge services

A ‘boutique’ law firm in the heart of Europe

Ideally located on the prestigious Avenue Louise in Brussels, ‘boutique’ law firm Vanbelle provides highly specialised advice, assistance and solutions in the fields of corporate law, international tax and real estate.

“Small is beautiful,” begins Jo Vanbelle, managing partner of Vanbelle.  The international law expert is joined at his Brussels bureau by a team of several highly qualified, trained and experienced lawyers, all of whom speak multiple languages. “It’s a simple and efficient structure,” reflects the lawyer. “Everyone is equal and the whole team works together.”

Thanks to the boutique size of the firm, along with its strong partnerships with specialists across numerous different areas and countries worldwide, Vanbelle offers a one-stop personalised legal concierge service to its clients.

“You can compare it to buying a watch. If you go to a department store you can come away with a good model, but by going to a specialised boutique you will find something extra special,” points out Jo.

The firm’s personalised approach is reflected in its welcoming office, which is far cry from the often rather sterile environment which is typically found in offices. “Ours is a warm, welcoming place which feels more like a family home. That’s why our clients often end up staying here longer than they planned to,” smiles the lawyer.

The firm keeps up with all the latest trends, and fully assists start-ups and young entrepreneurs in new or growing markets, such as crypto currencies, ICO (initial coin offerings) and the analysis, compliance and transfer of virtual coins towards traditional bank accounts. As Jo Vanbelle remarks, many of the leaders in these emerging fields tend to be very young. “You could say we are rather like a life coach,” he adds.

Whether looking after young start-ups, high-net-worth individuals or international enterprises, Vanbelle always aims for solutions to match the needs and the style of each individual case. “Like the concierge service of a luxury hotel, we’ll take care of everything our client needs,” ensures Jo.

In addition to its Brussels office, Vanbelle has joint offices in cities including Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella and Mexico.

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